Join the 4-week online “Life in Focus” photography project starting March 15!

daily photo group
You are invited to join a 4-week long fun and self-exploratory online photography project.

We will use our cameras to explore and share about the following topics:

Week 1 – Your World

Week 2 – Mindful Moments

Week 3 – The Unbeaten Path

Week 4 – Hopes & Dreams

It is free! No photography experience necessary and a cameraphone is all you need!

The Life in Focus project takes place in a ‘closed’ Facebook group where you will be able to share photos in a supportive environment with other women who are also interested in exploring themselves and their world through the use of photography.

Each week I will send out an email explaining the topic and provide participants with ideas for what to “focus” on. You can explore each topic as deeply or as lightly as you like. I will encourage you to write a couple of sentences about each photo in order to achieve even greater awareness about the topic. I will explain how this type of photographic storytelling and therapeutic photography can be utilized in your life for goal setting, managing stress, healing and connecting with others. We will lighten it up on weekends with optional activities including: photo scavenger hunts, photo challenges, and photography tips and tricks.

I would love to have you join in on this photographic journey. If you are interested, join the Life in Focus Facebook group here: Life in Focus Facebook group. The session starts Sunday, March 15, 2015.

Wear, Listen, Make, Grow, Taste…check out these finds…

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Some delightful finds¬†I want to share with you…

This “I Choose LOVE” wide neck sweatershirt by Super Love Tees.

Lots of indie goodness on Sas Petherick’s “Motherfolkin’ Autumn” 8trackplaylist…created “for noodling about on a rainy day, while hand-washing your cardigans.”

Zentangle doodles…anyone can do this wonderful meditative form of creation. The “Art of Zentangle” workbook is lots of fun and great for the first-time or long-time Zentanglers.

Writer Janne Robinson – she is refreshingly honest, outspoken, and spontaneous! She writes articles for¬†Elephant Journal and shares daily shots of raw insight on her Instagram at jannetaise. I love a woman who isn’t scared to say she is a feminist, who loves being barefoot, and who believes in making her own light.


Extra easy hummus recipe…440 reviewers can’t be wrong!

Delightful finds for the week…

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Some delightful finds¬†I want to share with you…

Just bought these super comfy and hip pants from Aritzia…perfect for Fall.

Enjoying Susannah Conway’s¬†Everything is Possible” playlist.

I have been making pinecone smiles in public spaces.

Taking Hannah Marcotti’s “Community Grace” online course…learning how to create community, connection and gathering.


Can’t wait to try this¬†Almond Butter and Cinnamon Mug Cake.

Treats for the week

I want to live next to a #field of #beautiful #sweet #sheep like these ones! #cuteanimals #farmanimals

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Sharing some of my new favourite things with you…

Bella Grace Magazine – I just discovered this magazine through Susannah Conway who has an article in this first issue, as do other awesome women like Hannah Marcotti. Think whimsy, grace and self-discovery delivered through beautiful words and photographs.

Knitting pattern for a gorgeous GAPtastic cowl/scarf…did I mention its FREE.

theSkimm – Best way to get the news EVER! Two sassy women write this¬†amazing daily e-mail newsletter that¬†delivers the news to your inbox in a fresh, funny and understandable way. Most younger men receive their “news” via late night talk show hosts like Jon Stewart; think of theSkimm as the female equivalent!

Japanese snow monkeys are the sweetest…here is a super cute¬†video of a tribe soaking in hot springs.

Today I tracked my monthly visitor as I always do using this helpful website.

A Gratitude Revolution is happening! I joined the movement I am having lots of fun taking photos of what I am grateful for and using the hashtag #capturinggratitude.

Bittersweet transition from Summer to Fall

sandy toesAs the evenings get cooler and the days shorter, signifying the fading of summer and the approach of Autumn, I cling to the last vestiges of the warmer season and reflect on the¬†simple but glorious highlights of the past few months…

~Laying on my lime green picnic blanket my toes hanging over the edge causing them to get tickled by the grass.
~Allowing the sun’s¬†glowing rays to penetrate my body¬†with warmth and turning my skin a glorious brown.
~Getting to wear my beloved flip flops or my comfy well-worn gladiator sandal, each and every day.
~Floating aimlessly on my air mattress in the crystal clear ocean occasionally dipping my hands over the edge to cool myself down.
~Lounging on my flower-filled patio with my cats flopped on the warm patio stones while I reclined in my chaise.
~Enjoying my usual summer indulgences including red freezies, ice cold beer and s’mores.
~Drawing peace signs in the sand with my niece.
~Savouring copious amounts of fresh organic fruits, vegetables and berries. The taste of the local raspberries and English peas reminding me of my late Nana’s yearly garden that I would raid each year as a child.
~Inhaling the myriad of¬†smells…neighbours bbqing, freshly cut grass, and the salty sea.
~Watching locals pull crab traps at the dock while nearby seals bopped in the water waiting for cast-offs and bald eagles and seagulls soared overhead.
~Running my feet through the sand and seeing my my brightly coloured pedicured toenails peak through.

Reflecting on this list I realize Summer’s offerings, as usual, allowed me to deeply reconnect with Nature and its numerous simple pleasures allowed me to be Present and embrace the beauty of each moment causing me to feel infused with aliveness, peace and gratitude. So as I stow my straw beach bag that toted around my towel, camera, sunscreen and a plethora of books this summer I am a little melancholy. I know, however, I will soon be revelling in introspective cosy Autumn with its many gifts and comforts, including:

wearing oversized sweaters, knee-high socks and my collection of scarves…savouring¬†hearty soups made with fall veggies…looking up, down and all around at the¬†colourful leaves…laying outside on my favourite blanket basking in¬†crisp, sunny afternoons…sipping piping hot Earl Grey tea lattes…lighting pumpkin candles that smell so good I want to eat them…climbing into my bed made with soft¬†flannel sheets…not to mention watching and photographing squirrels gather nuts.

What you think back over your summer what simple pleasures did you enjoy most?
What do you look forward to as Fall/Autumn approaches?

fall autumn


One Lovely Blog Award – 7 Random Facts About Me

one lovely blog awardI am honoured and thankful to the talented¬†Kirsten Aikens,¬†for nominating me for a “One Lovely Blog” award! I still have a long way to go with my blog but this award encourages me to work harder at it. As per the award guidelines here are…

7 Random Facts about Me:

I own a glittery ten-pin bowling ball with my old bowling name “Princess” engraved on it.

I once took a Speedreading course so I am a super fast reader.

My most proud accomplishment was raising money for a young woman’s kidney transplant in Kenya. We are still very close friends and hope to meet each other one day.

I can’t watch or hear anyone brush their teeth. I get goosebumps all over and freak right out!

My middle name is “Gesine“. I am named after my aunt and grandmother who live in Germany. If I would have had a daughter I would have passed the name on to her.

I have numerous “tickle trunks” and love to dress up in wigs and costumes.

The most rewarding job I ever had was working for the John Howard Society, helping male prisoners prepare for their release from prison.

042_edited-1My nominations for a “Lovely Blog Award”:

The Late Bloomer Revolution – Michelle’s lovely designed blog offers “complimentary seeds of inspiration, humor and mildly irreverent advice on how to awaken your inner bloom.

Sweet Sunflowers – A fellow photographer and life coach whose “helps her clients to visualize their dreams and take first gentle steps”.

Lolalina – Laura Gaskill’s serenely beautiful blog offers so much – inspiring “interiors, decor, food styling, flowers, art, and craft”.

B’s Bytes – a wonderful artist, writer and photography who shares a lovely sampling of each on her blog.

A Bowl of Cherries – Grace’s blog has already been nominated but I can’t help give a shout out to her and her blog…both of which are beautiful! She is a courageous woman with a big heart whose blog is a combination of her lovely photography and thoughts on life.

Life in Slow Motion – the words on this blog so accurately capture what it is like to live with chronic pain.

Para Las Fridas – a fellow Frida lover and super talented woman who is a disability and human rights activist as well as visual artist. Her blog, too, shares what life is like with chronic illness and pain.

CFS¬†Warrior -the following isn’t a blog but she has my favourite Facebook group about chronic illness/pain. I love her artistic soul and she shares some great stuff!

Enduring Pain with Patience – this is a blog I just started following…the title says it all!

I know I was supposed to list 15 blogs but I only read a few at this point. I like to think of this as quality over quantity!

Guidelines for the One Lovely Blog Award:

Thank the person who nominated you for the award;
Add the One Lovely Blog Award logo to your post, your blog or both;
Share 7 facts about yourself;
Nominate 15 bloggers who you admire and consider ‚Äúlovely.‚ÄĚ Let the nominees know they have been nominated by commenting on their blogs.

Top 10 Books on my 2014 Summer Reading List

Summer 2014 reading list

Summer 2014 Reading List

We are a month into summer and I am only starting to read the 10 books on my Summer Reading list. How about you…how much reading have you done so far this summer?


1.¬†The Trickster’s Hat – A Mischievous Apprenticeship in Creativity
by Bantock, Nick
This book was highly recommended to me by a creative soul I met in the 32 Books bookstore on Hornby Island (she also has a store in North Vancouver). The book contains 49 exercises to help you boost your creativity. 

2. A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book 
by Larson, Elsie
This book contains “95 Inspiring Ideas for Photographing Your Friends, Your World, and Yourself”. I saw it for sale in Whole Foods and then went home and saw the rave reviews so I quickly ordered it from my local library.

3. The Untethered Soul РThe Journey Beyond Yourself
by Singer, Michael A.
This book came highly recommended from my sister-in-law who is in a process of tackling her patterns of anxiety and stress. She has read many books on ending habitual thoughts and emotions and found this book, focussed on mindfulness and meditation, the most helpful book yet.

4. Man’s Search for Meaning
by Frankl, Victor Emil
For those of us facing very challenging times, I was told that this book illustrates that no matter what your life circumstances are you can keep your spirit and hope alive. This memoir of psychiatrist Viktor Frankl’s explains his experience of living in Nazi death camps and offers¬†lessons for spiritual survival which Frankl attributes to finding meaning and purpose in suffering and loss.¬†

5. Becoming Wild РLiving the Primitive Life on a West Coast Island
by Van Schyndel, Nikki
This book is about a courageous 29-year-old woman who leaves the city to spend 19 months living¬†in a remote rain forest. “Becoming Wild explores our innate longings to connect with nature and revert to a pure Eden-like state.”¬†

1.  All My Puny Sorrows
by Toews, Miriam
Toews is my favourite Canadian author and one of my top 5 authors period. How she manages to inject humour into painful stories is true genius.

2. Adultery: A Novel
by Coelho, Paul
“A woman in her thirties begins to question the routine and predictability of her days.” Oh how I can relate! I first wanted to read this book because I have read all of Paul Coelho’s books and he is so well-respected. Once I read the summary I quickly added it to my list.

3. Friendship – A Novel
by Gould, Emily
I read about this author and her latest book in a recent issue of Vanity Fair magazine. This novel explores how a woman’s friendship changes as she and her friend enter into their 30s. I am currently fascinated by how my own friendships have changed over the years and even more so as I near the age of¬†40.

4. The Invention of Wings
by Kidd, Sue Monk
Many of you likely read her wonderful book, “Secret Life of Bees”. From the 5000+ reviews on Amazon, her latest book promises to be just as good. Its success is likely in part to being an Oprah book club selection for 2014. “Kidd presents a masterpiece of hope, daring, the quest for freedom, and the desire to have a voice in the world.”

5. The Book of Negroes
by Lawrence Hill
This book was published in 2010 and I have meant to read it since then as this book was the recipient of many awards and reviews for this book are overwhelming outstanding. The intelligent and strong heroine faces the challenges of slavery and sexism in the 1800s. 

Ted Talks Mega Summer Reading List Рincludes the summer book lists of both Bill and Melinda Gates; Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert and actress Rashida Jones.
Strong Women and Their Stories – The Wine Stain’s blog summer reading list highlighting books featuring strong women.
Oprah’s Summer’s Best Reads¬†– 25 books that Oprah says you won’t be able to put down.

Have you read any of the listed books? What’s on your summer 2014¬†reading¬†list?¬†



*I have provided a link to each of the books on but please know I do not create revenue by doing this…just thought it was the easiest way to allow readers to read reviews (all the books are highly rated) and purchase if they choose.